Final Project

Your final project will be an open collaborative project of your choice that has to do with the digital humanities, digital media, and the topic of equality or social justice. Project A: Twitter analysis inspired by Lisa Nakamura’s essay “The Unwanted Labour of Social Media: Women of Color Call Out Culture As Venture Community Management” … Continue reading Final Project


E-literature & Deformance

"The Poet is Independent & Wicked" (William Blake) Today, we'll use Jerome McGann's idea of "deformance" to think about electronic literature and how it produces meaning by refiguring the page. Specifically, we'll look closely at a few pages of The Jew's Daughter (Judd Morrissey, with contributions by Lori Talley) and work by YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES. You can … Continue reading E-literature & Deformance

Reflections on Process, Tools, and Super Powers

Blog exercise (30 minutes): Reflecting on our final project goals, our roles in those projects, and the implications of the tools we’re using. In class yesterday, I wanted to spend some time analyzing our group project processes, but group work had so much momentum that we canned that idea and kept collaborating with our groups. … Continue reading Reflections on Process, Tools, and Super Powers