Reflections on Process, Tools, and Super Powers

Blog exercise (30 minutes): Reflecting on our final project goals, our roles in those projects, and the implications of the tools we’re using.

In class yesterday, I wanted to spend some time analyzing our group project processes, but group work had so much momentum that we canned that idea and kept collaborating with our groups. So we’re going to do this blogging and reflection exercise now.

In a hastac blog post, answer the following questions in well-developed and rich paragraphs (at least 4 sentences per paragraph). I’m less interested in beautiful writing than I am in thoughtful responses. You can talk with your team if that might be helpful.

  1. Paragraph 1: Describe the goal of your team’s project. What will it do? How will it do that?
  2. Paragraph 2: Describe your role in your team’s project to date and what you envision you will complete leading up to our due date (our presentation).
    1. What will you complete?
    2. What special skills, strengths, and experience do you bring to your project?
    3. How will you use your strengths to help your teammates, who have different skills and strengths, on their tasks? In other words, how can you combine your superpowers with your collaborators to maximize the potential of your project?
  3. Paragraph 3: Think carefully about the various tools that you’re using and the kind of analysis that you’re performing.
    1. List the various technical components of your project
    2. Think hard about all the reading we’ve done that considers the social and cultural orientations of technologies. (It may help to look back at our syllabus.)
    3. How are the technologies, tools, and methods you’re using complicit in social injustices and inequalities?
    4. Despite this, why will you use them? What are their affordances?

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