Creative, Collaborative Final Project Proposals due on Tuesday 2/14

Final Project Proposal: Your final project proposal will be due in class on Tuesday, 2/14. You will have 5 minutes to present your proposal to the class – feel free to use slides! Be enthusiastic! Your proposal should consist of a project description, the defined elements of your project, the medium of your project (Twitter analyses, a website you’re creating, an electronic essay, a series of blog posts, a digital archive, a TEI encoded text, etc.), the rationale for your project and how it pertains to this course, and a brief timeline of how you plan to accomplish your project in one month. Also, tell your peers what skills you seek in a collaborator! This should all be recorded on a clean, clear handout (printed out, please) that you can circulate in class.

Your project need not do anything we have not learned how to do or that we won’t cover! No advanced programming skills are required here. What I do require is thoughtful critical engagement with your topic, careful decision making regarding technologies and material, and meaningful collaboration.

You will have 5 minutes to pitch your project to the class. Your goal will be to acquire at least 1 other collaborator on your project. This means, of course, that not everyone’s project proposals will wind up being completed as projects. But by the end of class on Tuesday, final project teams and ideas will be in motion.

As we have discussed, your final project will be an open project of your choice that has to do with the digital humanities, digital media, and the topic of equality or social justice. This assignment will include 3 parts:

  1. The project itself (50%)
  2. Supporting documentation or a short essay (minimum 4 polished pages, 1 per project) that is your rationale for your project. This is your chance to perform a critical analysis of your own project. (25%)
    • What argument does the project make? What questions will it help its audience to answer?
    • What did you build?
    • Critical analysis of your process (not just your final product): Why did you make the editorial and technical decisions that you did?
    • How do your tools, methodologies and processes, and final product reveal injustices and inequalities? Do they attempt to correct injustices, as well? How might your processes and tools be complicit in the structures of injustice that you work to critique despite your best efforts?
    • How could you improve your project?
    • Will your project live beyond the confines of our Winter term? (It does not have to.) If so, where, and who will maintain it?
  3. Each student will write a 3-page critical review of your peers’ project. The quality of your review will also be applied to your final project grade. Use what you learned from your midterm review to do an even better job on this one. You will only be turning in a Word doc on Canvas (no blog post this time). (25%)

Due date for final projects: March 8. Final projects must be complete and ready for a showcase from 3:30-4:30! We will advertise our event and invite members of campus to come to Bartlett 201 to see our work. Each project group will prepare a 15-20 minute presentation/demonstation of their work that is coherent, meaningful, and exciting. We will have 20 minutes for questions at the end.

Due date for your peer final project evaluation: March 12 by 3pm, turned into Canvas. Format: Word document. There are no extensions I can grant for this assignment – we’re up against the end of the term.


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